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EDITOR CLAUDIA LA ROCCO MANAGING EDITOR DAVID DEWITT ART DIRECTOR PATRICK FLOOD PROJECT MANAGER STEPHANIE HAGGERSTONE CONTRIBUTORS SARAH CARGILL EMILY COATES COLIN GEE SASHA LAPOINTE JESSICA LYNNE SORAYA NADIA MCDONALD KARINNE KEITHLEY SYERS AUGUSTA READ THOMAS Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director T H E H E I G H T S O F I M A G I N A T I O N I n the three years that I've been editing the Peak Performances Journal, the most consistent feedback I've gotten from Executive Director Jed Wheeler has been to keep experimenting: to not worry whether the work I'm commissioning for the page is adequately tethered to the work he's commissioning for the stage. I'm grateful for his belief and encouragement, coupled as it is with meaningful support for writers and editors. As Jed and I have discussed larger themes more than specific productions, the freedom to think expansively has led to writing that converses with live work in a variety of ways. One main theme of the 2019/2020 Peak season, for example, is language and how it morphs over time, sometimes shifting as it encounters new influences. Sometimes disappearing. And so you'll find questions of translation throughout these pages. Meditations on the importance of giving voice, as well as the necessity of quiet. You'll find writing that intersects with and departs from live work in ways both explicit and oblique. You'll also find a belief in the importance of singular individuals expressing their ideas, in their voices. In this, I think, an editor's job is not so different from a curator's: invite people in, and trust that they will make something worth paying attention to — even if, or perhaps especially if, it's different from what you envisioned them doing. Claudia La Rocco EDITOR EDITOR'S NOTE CLAUDIA LA ROCCO PHOTO: JOSE CARLOS TEIXEIRA 2 | PEAKPERFS.ORG Dr. Susan Cole, President ALEXANDER KASSER THEATER 1 Normal Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043

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